Pruning :

From November to March (approximately 200 hours per hectare)

The pruning of the vine is carried out carried out according to very precise rules aimed at deliberately limiting the yield of the vine by prohibiting any excess harmful to the typicity.

The vinesprigs that were cut durong the pruning are crushed giving back to the ground what we took and also used as a natural fertilizer.

We prune the Chardonnay as the Chablis pruning and the Pinots noirs in permanent royat cord.



From Frebruary to April.

Approximately 90 hours per hectare are necessary.

The frames of the vine must be tied to the iron wires with a special clamp. The wires will support the future bunches of grapes.

The vegetation starts, it is the budbreack. It is then necessary to master the development which, if it were excessive, would compromise the quality of the harvest.


The lowering of the wandering wires:

Before the buds and the leaves grow too much and in order not to damage them, we lower the wires called wandering wires.

When they are on the ground, they will not hinder the development of the clusters foliage.

They will later help the clumping of the vegetation upwards during the lifting.