Our story

A lovely family story ! 

la voglonière…

Farmers and vinegrowers since 1919

The farm « La Voglonière » was bought by a great-grandmother in december 1919. It now houses the fourth generation.

Mrs Andrée Andry, early widow with two children, was the first of the lineage.

She managed alone for 43 years the family farm. She ruled with a steady hand this rough and mostly male world. She was respectful of welldone work.

On her well-derserved retirement, one of her sons naturally took over.

The farm « La Voglonière » was until 1962 exclusively agricultureal the the delimitation of the Champagne’s appelation delighted us.

In 1962, Jacques and Nadia Andry took up the torch.

After 30 years, along with four other people, they founded wine union cooperative of the hillside of Bethon.

In 1992, Jacques and Nadia’s daughter made the choice with her husban Didier Dekeyne to « get back to the land » after parisian careers. They settled in the farme with their two sons.

In 2008, Gaël, the older, after 5 years in the army, follows the same path as his parents. He goes back to scholl ti be a winemaker manager. His is accompagnied by Laura, specialized educator.

In 2010, Baptiste, the youngest son, with his agro-equipement training came to strengthen the business, accompagnied by Sophie, veterinary assistant.