We are located in the South West of Marne in the heart of the Champagne region on the hillsides of Sezanne.

We work in sustainable and responsible wine-growing.


The farm is located in the middle of family’s vineyards and agricultural crops for four generations…



A lovely family storie :

la voglonière…

Farmers and winegrow since 1919

The farm « La Voglonière » was bought by a great-grandmother in december 1919. It now houses the fourth generation.

Mrs Andrée Andry, early widow with two children, was the first of the lineage. She managed alone for 43 years the family farm. She ruled with a steady hand this rough and mostly male world. She was respectful of welldone work.

champagne dkn

The Champagne Dekeyne & Fils works
in sustainable et responsible. wine-growing
Our goal : quality !
Our passion… the land !

notre actualité

Dernières actualités, participation à des salons, etc. Restez informés !

The works from November to mid-april

La taille, le liage, la baisse des fils baladeurs…

The works from May to August

L’ébourgeonnage, le relevage, le palissage, le rognage-écimage

The works from September to October

Les vendanges et le travail du sol…